Set Reasonable Goals

Setting reasonable goals is simply having patience with your body and schedule. At the beginning of many weight loss diets most people are exciting and motivated about the new plans to have the dream body that they have always wanted.

Here in lies one of the down falls of many body fat loss diets we end up setting outrageous goals that we cant keep up like – losing 10 pounds Healthy Fat Lossevery week or for a lot of people planning on working out everyday twice a day.

Lets be serious! You may not know this – but your body on average can only lose 3 pounds a week in a healthy manner. That is to say if you are planning on losing actual fat and not muscle or doing something un-healthy that cause you to lose more.

So when it comes to setting achievable goals keep in mind your new direction is not to loss fat but to be healthy and then in return you will lose unwanted weight. Keeping that in mind – lets make goals that you will be able to keep up with for a long term period instead of spending four hours a day in a gym. Which unless your are a true gym fanatic – I don’t think you would make it past the first week.

If you are not working out at all the first goal you will need to set – is getting some real activity in your week. Yes – you could go get a gym membership or you might find it easier and more fun to find a sport that you would like to focus on. If those options are not available to you then finding time two to three times a week walking around your neighborhood or local track is a good idea too.

Next and just as important your eating habits could use some slight critiquing. It seem as though the average America only eats two meals a day lunch and dinner followed with some very unhealthy snack foods throughout. You don’t have to run out and buy a new diet plan. Especially one filled with expense food that taste bad anyway.

All you need to do is eat in a more healthy manner. Make sure that you eat food that taste good to you. But it can’t be junk food. Find lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and healthy whole grain carbs that you know you could enjoy eating. And remember its O.K. you your to cheat every now and then to help you stay on track.