Eat More – To Lose

It is common knowledge for most of us is – that if you are over weight then you eat to much. Giving us the idea that to loss weight we need to eat less or stop eating. At which point most of us deprive ourselves of vital caloric intake.

But believe it or not. But you can lose weight by eating. A matter of fact the average person who needs to lose weight does not eat the right Healthy Fat Loss Dietamount of food at the right times during the day. At this point many people get confused. I end up hearing things like – What do you mean I don’t eat enough?

The average American eats two large meals a day – an unbalanced lunch and dinner. Along with unhealthy snacks throughout the day. Eating like this is very counter active to living healthy. The proper healthy fat loss diet is to eat five to six times a day. This will cause you to be constantly burning calories by keeping your metabolism up. In essence you have to look a your metabolism like a fire to keep it burning it will need wood or in this case food.

But you can’t just eat anything all day long. Because that could hurt more than help you – especially if you are eating junk food all day. The healthy approach is to eat three balanced meal. These meals should contain lean meats and vegetables. The other two to three meals out of the five or six should be healthy snacks like protein supplements.

Many people when trying to lose weight started diets that make them hungry and they always find them selves later overeating to make up for the hunger. But if you try eating five to six times a day – I don’t think you will be feeling very hungry. Just remember when it comes to choosing what type of food to eat think healthy first rather than just worry about fat loss.