Cheat To Help Stay On Track

The method of cheating or what I have come to call the anti-binge can be a powerful and necessary tool for staying on track with your new healthy lifestyle or in the wrong hands it can be its down fall. Many of us have tried new diets that were very strict. That involved having no carbs, fat, sugar, or even a water only diets.

Just like with any new fat loss routine we start off very excited – saying we will do what ever its takes to lose the weight. The only problem with Hamburgerthis way of thinking is it the first thing to go and after a week of us not eating food we like we find are selves bingeing out – eat far worse than ever.

The idea of after years of unhealthy eating that you will simply turn around and eat in a manner in which you have never eaten before just isn’t going to happen. Keep in mind you new diet goal is to eat healthy meaning don’t choose your food with fat lose only in mind.

There are many fun foods or healthy alternatives out there that you can eat that will get you headed in the right direction. There are many other personal trainers and dietitians out there that use this same rule. Most of the time its called a “cheat day”.

The truth is if you are eating right most of the time. The little times that you eat food that you enjoy will actually help you stay on track with your new life style. Just remember to be careful. Don’t let those cheats become more than simply indulgences.

You can easily go from eating whatever you want for a day to eat any for a weekend or in even worst case you take a week off. Next thing you know – your back to your old habits. So start now looking for healthier foods that you might like too eat. But remember to cheat to help stay on track.